Located in Downtown Chicago's beautiful River North neighborhood, Chicago River North Pilates (CRNP) has been the near north's premiere mind body fitness facility for over 11 years. We specialize in the Pilates method and GYROTONIC® exercise, offering both mat and equipment, group and private instruction. Our objective is to provide the ultimate in mind body conditioning with unique programs designed to fit each individual’s need. Discover the benefits of mind body movement in a peaceful, supportive, and positive environment with an integrative approach to health and wellness through education in movement systems.


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Private Sessions

Private Pilates and GYROTONIC® lessons are hand tailored to fit your specific needs. One of our certified instructors will take you through a workout utilizing all the spring loaded Pilates equipment including the  Reformer, Wunda Chair and Cadillac or the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® including the GYROTONIC® Tower, GYROTONER®, AND JUMPING-STRETCHING BOARD®. The personal attention allows you the best opportunity to maximize your class benefits by improving strength, flexibility, balance, posture and core strength. Pre-requisite private sessions are required prior to your first group equipment session.

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Group Classes

Group mat classes are a great place to begin your introduction to Pilates and can carry you through your advanced practice! All the fundamental movements and principles are incorporated into mat exercises while working your entire body. Adaptable to any fitness level, the mat exercises allow you to improve strength, flexibility, balance, posture and core strength in a contemporary Pilates method class. Group equipment classes are available upon completion of equipment use per-requisites.

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Get to know our newest offering.... bodyART®


bodyART® is a functional movement training system designed by Robert Steinbacher that balances your strength, flexibility and mental concentration. All bodyART® classes are performed barefoot with your body as your only equipment, and use breathing techniques to enhance your performance. Based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of Yin and Yang, which can be understood as passive and dynamic energy, bodyART® challenges you to equalize your powerful, dynamic energy with passive relaxation. This holistic, intense and purposeful experience creates a powerful and lasting effect in your daily life.


Experience bodyART® Tuesdays at 5:30pm and Sundays at 11am

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