It’s as Easy as Diet & Exercise…

by admin on March 17, 2011

Oh, is it really? Maybe changing the way you feel and look is primarily about reconfiguring your diet and exercise routine, but it’s definitely NOT an easy task! If you’re used to having a fairly loose diet - i.e., “No big deal if I had a McSandwich for lunch, I can have this burger and cookie pie for dinner” - it’s going to be a major challenge. Obviously, I’m exaggerating (a lot) but for a very many people, diet is just a matter of eating whatever is most easily accessible at the moment you’re hungry. That gym or studio membership is also a major commitment - not only does it take some major bucks (memberships these days range from $50-$250 per month!) it’s a time investment, as well. Money, accessibility, time. HMM, whose got a surplus of those these days?!

So it makes sense that diet and exercise may get thrown to the wayside. But I’m here, along with all the other health/fitness/wellness folks, to tell you to cut it out! Even a slight revision to your routines will help you feel immensely better on a daily basis. Just the overall ooh-I-feel-so-good-ness should be enough to kick your butt in shape. Don’t know what that feels like? How about: more energy, increased focus, weight loss, strength, smiles… the list goes on and on and on!

The trick to initiating your “diet & exercise” goals is graduation. In your first month, don’t tell yourself that you’re going to completely give-up the burgers and cookie pies - honestly, you never have to give them up if you indulge in moderation. And don’t set unrealistic expectations for weight loss. Losing too much too quickly isn’t healthy and you’re setting yourself up to gain it back just as quick. Take your time. Make a goal calendar. Say, “This week I’m going to get to the gym two times and replace my McSandwich with a veggie wrap.” It’ll take time to adjust and your mind might resent the changes, but just ignore the mental road blocks and listen to the happiness of your body. Three months in, it won’t feel like “diet & exercise” - it’ll just feel like daily life!

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