Natural Healing Therapies

by CRNPilates on April 19, 2012

I never imagined myself saying this, but recently Ibuprofen has become my new best friend.  Once a day, in fact, and it almost always helps me get through painful times. This is said with unease, as growing dependent on it can be much to easy and, though not immediately harmful, can have its repercussions. So what can help our  muscles and body stay in good condition even in times of difficulty?

Natural remedies, such as massage therapy and acupuncture, can be very valid and extremely effective in mending muscle pain. Plus, with these forms of healing, you  get two in one: less pain and more gain in mobility and freedom of the muscles. Massages, which you can get at a spa or physical therapy office, are more than just a relaxing, indulgent treatment for your body. Different types of massage, such as the popular Swedish or deep tissue, can feel different and target those tight, tense areas in different ways depending on your needs. Swedish massage feels gentle as the therapist restores circulation and reduces tension in the superficial muscles. Enjoyable to a large majority of people, it feels relaxing, and it works through areas that aren’t too deep into the body. Deep tissue targets… well… the deeper muscles, as well as dealing with fascia. Thus, it is not thought of as gentle, but is super effective in relieving the tension and tightness in those hard to reach muscles. The benefits of acupuncture on painful muscles is it works to clear up blocked energy channels in the body. Different points of the body affect other points on the body as well. Have a tension headache? Acupuncture needles can be placed in areas to relieve that, as well as other ares of muscle tension, without the contact of human hands.

Though not the least expensive options, these natural forms of therapy to reduce pain work to target the root of your soreness and pain. Not only do they take away pain and reduce inflammation, but they work to alleviate anything holding your muscles from working to their fullest potential!

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