• Pilates Mat Class Tuesday 12:00pm
• Pilates Mat Class Wednesday 6:00pm
• Pilates Class Sunday 10:00am
• Group Reforemer class Sunday 12:00pm

All private, semi private, and trio sessions are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment
please call the studio (312) 751-1256. Group Pilates mat and Gyrokenisis® classes do not require
a reservation however we recommend that you call in advance to reserve a space, class size
is limited.

Group Mat Class:
The body conditioning technique of Joseph Pilates taught on the mat is a unique system of stretching
and strengthening exercises to tone muscle and improve posture, flexibility and balance. Classes
may also incorporate arm weights, exercise bands, balance balls, and the Magic Circle®. This class
will definitely challenge you at any fitness level. Class size is limited so please call ahead to reserve your space!

Apprentice Training Sessions:
At various times throughout the year, the studio offers private Pilates and/or Gyrotonic sessions at
a discounted rate. These sessions are offered by students that are going through training to become certified Pilates or Gyrotonic Instructors. Availability is limited. Please call the studio for more information.

Private Pilates Instruction:
The optimal way to learn Pilates. Each session is tailored specifically for each individual’s need maximizing the benefits of Pilates. Includes individual attention with a certified Pilates instructor
which allows the instructor to develop a workout program specific to your body, and your goals. Sessions may include work on the Reformer, Cadilac, Wunda Chair, Small Barrel, and Mat work.

Semi-Private and Trio Sessions:
The semi-private sessions (two students) and trio sessions (three students) are a cost effective way to get the benefits of working on the Pilates equipment with an instructor. Each student’s level, limitations and personal goals are addressed for each session. It is recommended that partners are at similar skill levels and have prior experience on the Pilates equipment. Therefore, at least 10 private sessions are recommended before starting semi-private and trio sessions.

Integrative training:
ntegrative training is a full body conditioning program involving a combination of Pilates and
resistance training. Using dumbbells, therabands, and stability balls, special attention is given to improving muscular strength by focusing on eccentric muscular contractions to achieve optimum results. Not only will you look and feel better, studies have shown that just 2 weight sessions a week can decrease your risk of developing osteoporosis. Combine these benefits with the 500 designated movements of Pilates, and you too can achieve core stability, tone, and elongate muscles as well as improve your energy level and outlook on life.

Private GYROTONIC® Sessions:
GYROKINESIS® is a group fitness class based on the
principles of yoga, ballet, swimming, Tai Chi, and modern dance. It incorporates self-massage, the graceful, flowing movements of dance, and the breathing techniques and postures of yoga.
The movements performed in this class are continuous and energizing. They awaken the entire body, improve overall well being, and challenge both the mind and body in a completely new and unique way.