Pilates Trends: The Latest!

by CRNPilates on March 21, 2012

Summer is upon us! …Wait, no, it just feels like it is. Either way, at least we can now legitimately say that spring is here! Woo! So, we’re finally able to crawl out from hibernation and take our workout wherever we want - outdoors included. What’s on our brain here at CRNP, are how inventive people are getting with spicing up their Pilates routines. Some of our favorites? Both for the wackiness and/or attainability…

  • Poolates. Have you heard of this? If you have, I will feel totally behind because this just came through to my google alerts a couple days ago. Apparently the resistance that the water provides pushes you to engage your core even further than you could in the studio. “Poolates takes advantage of water’s resistance for an extra challenge. “You engage all your major muscles to stay balanced, so each move works your entire body, not just the part you’re targeting,”" says Rebecca Pfeiffer, MPH (quoted in Women’s Health Magazine).
  • Pilates while you walk. Celebrity Pilates trainer, Brooke Siler, practices her practice while she’s walking down the street. This sounds pretty tough, no? She talks about a “Pilates Consciousness” in this article in Well+Good NYC and how our favorite form of mind body fitness isn’t just “an exercise technique, but it’s really a methodology of movement.” I dig it!
  • Cool classes. If you haven’t check out our weekly group class lineup in a bit you’re in for a big surprise! There are SO MANY awesome new classes. So many ways to push your Pilates knowledge to the max and gain new skills. So what’s new at CRNP? Pilates Circuit Training with Jamie and Pilates Mat: Stretch & Strengthen with Elizabeth, just to name a few. Check out our full schedule for more!

I’ll continue to post interesting trends in the Pilates world on our Facebook & Twitter (so like & follow!). Super interested in what everyone else is doing/hearing on the trend front so please comment here or on our social media pages!

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