Back Pain? Just Say NO!

by admin on January 11, 2011

Pilates isn’t only intended to help you attain a rockin’ bod! Yes, it’s a major point for why we love it, but Pilates was created on the basis of improving overall health and posture, too. Whether you’re recovering from recent surgery, suffering from the worst work chair ever, or rolling out of bed from a lumpy mattress. There’s a million reasons why your back could be ache-y but no reason why that ache should be chronic.

Two key elements of Pilates are to strengthen and stretch, which is exactly what you need to heal. Whether on the mat or utilizing equipment such as the Reformer or stability ball, Pilates exercises force you to engage your core, relieving pressure from the back. It’s a lot physical, but there’s a major mental aspect to it, as well. Focus on your core, think about your back releasing and you’ll find the stretch and relief. Imagine how you want your body to feel and to transform during each position and you’ll get there. An amazing way to not only ease pain, but imagine what all that core-focus will do for your abs! Summer? Yes, please. OH but it’s winter, so anyway - heal with Pilates and back comfort will be just around the corner (from CRNP)!

For more specific information on how different types of Pilates exercises can ease your back pain check out this article from

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