by admin on January 4, 2011

Like yoga/ gymnastics/ dance/ swimming/ tai-chi but can’t decide where to devote your time? GYROKINESIS is probably the perfect fit for you. This fitness method combines the best of all your favorite workouts and will not only increase flexibility, stability, ??? muscle strength but will energize you as well. Working out isn’t just about the look good it’s about the feel good, too!

A Brief History: Juliu Horvath, a trained gymnast/swimmer/ballet dancer, developed the Gyrotonic Expansion System in the 1970s after injuring his achilles tendon, which subsequently ended his career. Horvath utilized his professional training in the above athletic fields to create this integrated and balanced fitness method.

Whether a beginner or trained athlete, GYROKINESIS and GYROTONIC are an amazing way to strengthen, tone, and build an overall balanced lifestyle. Try it at CRNP!

For more details about GYROKINESIS, check out this article ->

“Gyrokinesis: The Best Workout for All-Day Energy” -

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