BOSU: Total Body Strength
Tuesdays at 6pm with Lisa Iantoni
This workout has it all! Strength, cardio and resistance training are all rolled into one hour. Join us for this total body workout, integrating the use of the BOSU Balance Trainer along with dumbbells, stability balls and bands. Why spend hours at the gym when you can get it done in one hour?!?

BOSU: Ultimate Core Challenge Bootcamp
Saturdays at 8am with Lisa Iantoni
This workout provides the best of both worlds: the BOSU Balance Trainer and the Pilates Reformer! Improve your overall muscle tone, strength and flexibility with this combo class. Fat burning cardio intervals on the BOSU balance trainer are mixed with Pilates strength and flexibility exercises utilizing the Reformers. This class will leave you feeling longer, stronger, and fit!

Pilates Mat Bootcamp
Sundays at 8:30am with Dayna Robbins
High and low impact moves combined with Pilates will bring your heart rate up to help you tone your entire body while burning some added calories. Sneakers recommended.