Wendy Freeman:


Wendy Freeman, a Chicago native, studied dance at the University of Utah and received a degree from Northwestern University in Education and Children's Theatre. With an MFA in acting from Boston University, she performed for years. She also hosted and produced a number of radio shows at National Public Radio; later she won an Emmy for a children's television program at CBS. Her training as a dancer, as well as an educator, prepared Wendy for a career in pilates and allow her to better intuit the needs of her clients. In addition to her love of teaching and graceful, strong movement, Wendy also has a deep passion for physical fitness. She has trained for and successfully completed 14 triathlons. She currently teaches Pilates at DePaul University as well as at Chicago River North Pilates. Wendy also conducts Certifying Test Outs for the Physicalmind Institute.

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