How Do You Like Your Mind Body?

by CRNPilates on October 19, 2011

We all have our own ways of doing things and the way we prefer to do things, so it’s no surprise that mind-body-ers usually have a style preference. There are some - like me - who like pretty much anything. I like to mix it up between Pilates, yoga, GYROTONIC (and sometimes spinning). But we all have specific ways that we prefer to work out. Even though I choose to mix it up with spinning every so often doesn’t mean that while I’m spinning I’m not dreaming about being in a Pilates Mat & Flow Yoga Combo! So, if you’re new to mind body fitness but already have a sense of how you like to work, I’ve put together a little list of where you might like to start.

If you like a workout that is Flowy: My suggestion would be to check out Vinyasa Flow Yoga. You can tell by the name, this isn’t the type of yoga where you hold poses for too long. Vinyasa Flow is all about fluid movement and you can’t help but feel zen. Best bet for: stretching, strengthening, and feeling empowered.

If you like a more Controlled workout: Give Mat Pilates a try. Mat Pilates is set on very specific, small movement so it’s an incredible practice for learning how to control and move individual muscles. This is definitely where you want to start if a beginner to Pilates as it’s a good idea to get the movements down first prior to trying out the equipment. Best bet for: core strength, muscle tone, and posture.

If you like to workout with Equipment: Check out GYROTONIC. This piece of equipment is no longer just for the athletic elite! The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM uses weights and pulleys to produce a wide range of rotational movements that allows the core to build strength and tone - and fast! It’s not as widely available as yoga and Pilates, but if you look around you’ll definitely find at least one studio in your city. Best bet for: power, tone, agility, and coordination.

I hope this has helped you along your path to Mind Body! Don’t hesitate to give a shout out if you have more Q’s.

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