The Big “Gym” Decision

by CRNPilates on October 28, 2011

Where to exercise, that is the question! But these days, it’s not an easy question to answer. With the growing number of fitness fad, gyms, studios, and so on there are simply just too many options. (P.S. For this article, I’m going to refer to all of these different options as “gym” membership options, just to simplify things.)

So you have all of these different types of gyms. Not only do you have to narrow down what you’re looking to get out of your membership, but whether you’d like to actually have a membership vs. the various other options. Is a membership really worth the cost? If a gym has an unlimited monthly plan vs. a package or class card plan, just do the math. How many times are you planning to go? Will the membership pay for itself by lessening the price per class?

Now, don’t fret! I’m not here to just pose dilemmas without offering solid solutions, as well. My opinion is that the best option is not to limit yourself. Start by figuring a monthly budget. There are typically options for any type of budget so don’t feel pressured to spend more than you feel comfortable. Example: Community classes are typically free or donation based! Next, consider where you want to primarily work out. If you want the overall-roundedness that a gym has to offer, choose a monthly membership and outsource your studio time (unless the gym offers solid group classes). If this is best for you, but still crave that specialized Pilates or yoga class, opt for a class card at your favorite studio. The possibilities are endless…

So See? Mix n match to tailor-make the best fitness routine for your schedule, preferences, and budget. Questions about our pricing options at CRNP? Check out our website!

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