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by CRNPilates on May 15, 2012

Today my writing inspiration comes from this article in Women’s Health magazine titled “Pound-Melting Pilates Workout” (thanks, Sarah, for the Twitter share!) Looking through my past blog posts, I don’t know that I’ve ever really talked about the weight loss potential of a solid Pilates practice. I attribute this primarily to the fact that I personally experience Pilates in other ways; excited more about the potential for strength, flexibility, endurance, positivity, boosting self-esteem…. I’ll stop there for now, but you see what I’m getting. But enough of that for today! Today I touch on the fact that while Pilates is great for all of the aforementioned, it is a fabulous addition to a weight-loss plan!

My recommendation for a perfect weight-loss plan goes as follows: revised diet, cardio, and Pilates.

  • A revised diet plan will not only help you lose weight and build your energy for extra fitness time! Just today on the Today Show a health expert was discussing just this. And the best snack food when you’re feeling munchie? Veggies! As many as you want. Fruit is good too, but more so in moderation because of the high sugar levels. I also personally love 100-calorie packs - perhaps not the most organic, but a portion-controlled, satisfying treat!
  • Cardio training will help you burn through excess weight FAST! Aim for 2-3 hours a week. Whether you choose to walk instead of drive or bus, jump on the treadmill, or go for a bike ride - the key to successful cardio is simple: get moving!
  • A solid fitness plan = burning fat & building muscle. You burn with cardio and build with Pilates! Pilates is the perfect option to help build muscle tone in addition to increasing endurance, flexibility, and so on. It’ll make you feel great and add a fabulous sociability to your fitness plan!

The hardest part is getting started. Decide your going to go for your goal and… go for it! I’d love feedback on specific ideas that have worked for others - please share!

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