Mind Body + Social Media

by CRNPilates on March 31, 2012

As you all know (at least all you Facebook users, which I’m assuming is most of my readers), Facebook brand pages have officially transitioned over to the Timeline format as of today. This has gotten me thinking about the interesting relationship between mind body and social media. Perhaps relationship is the wrong word… maybe not?

First off, I’ll admit that I’m totally involved in the social media scene. On a personal level, I’m addicted to Pinterest. For my studio, I love researching interesting articles for Facebook postings and interacting with fellow mind body lovers on Twitter. It’s amazing having the opportunity to personally interact with studio owners and instructors all over the world, not to mention my clients! But now that I’m thinking about, what a strange demographic, us mind body folks, to be involved in something like this. What I mean is…

Social media seems to have kind of changed our experience at the studio, or at the very least contributed to a change in experience. What used to primarily exist as as purely for ourselves is now something we more than likely share with others. Checking in on Facebook or Four Square when we get to the studio; tweeting with friends to see who will be in class; blogging about a new fitness method. It’s fun to connect with others who share in a passion for mind body, check out where people are working out, coordinate schedules - but is this the antithesis to the “mind body” mindset?

I say that as long as we’re still participating in yoga, Pilates, what have you, for the right reasons than share away! Perhaps the Facebook check-in is turning an old friend onto a fitness method they may have never tried, just from knowing that a friend is partaking in it - and that would be awesome! As long as we’re not heading to the studio just for the sake of a check-in, just to appear a part of the lifestyle. Though the mind body experience might now be shared between internal and external, don’t forget what it all originated from and comes down: listening to and understanding your personal mind body connection.

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