SpringTIME to Get Outside!

by admin on March 3, 2011

So, obviously this isn’t really possible because (unfortunately) the midwest is a bit lacking in the mountain department. And (unfortunately) it’s still a little chilly. However, the sun is sneaking back into our lives and that’s a good enough excuse to throw on some walking shoes and hit the sidewalk!

Heading to my afternoon mat class today, I almost walked right past the studio. Putting aside the freezing factor, I couldn’t get enough of walking in the sun. It’s been months (feels like years) of annoying, gray and dreary skies - it’s not wonder that Chicago summers are notorious for everything amazing and outdoor fitness adventures - we know how to appreciate good weather!

Especially after a good workout, stepping back into the sun felt amazing, and my happy levels flew through the roof. Wednesdays are a work-from-home day and I  have the luxury of spending an afternoon outside, but I do understand that most days for most people are spent in an office. So, it’s time to put “outside workout time” back on the weekend to-do list. Not only will a brisk walk perk up your energy levels, it’ll get your metabolism rolling as well!

Ideal March Saturday morning (feel free to adopt):
• Early-ish wake-up
• Choose a brunch spot at least a mile away
• Walk it up!

So lace up those sneakers - it’s almost springtime, and it’s time to get outside!

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