What NOT to Wear

by CRNPilates on March 15, 2011

How do you like to work out? Not how do you like to work out (like what you like to do) but how to do you like to work out (like what do you like to wear). Nosying around the studio in any given mat class it’s interesting to compare what people feel comfortable wearing when they’re getting their sweat on! Granted, it’s usually a sea of lululemon. What I spy is a range from uber-comfy/semi-stylish to semi-comfy/uber-stylish. My whole thing is that as long as you can focus on class rather than adjusting your outfit, then - whatever.

I started thinking about this while watching Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Orange County” on Sunday night. Yes, I’ve decided to own up to the fact that I love all things “real housewives” (except DC and Miami, obviously). Miss the episode? Here’s a brief recap: Alexis and Tamra take a private mat Pilates class (hm, guess that’s about all the backstory you need). It’s truly the most uncomfortable thing to watch. And not because of anything related to actual athleticism or form, but, rather, how they were dressed. In true #RHOC fashion, both women had full makeup, FAKE LASHES, and hair curled and coiffed. But what pushed me over were the MOST uncomfortable looking outfits - and what appeared to be NO sports bras. Of course, they’re posing in class for the camera, blah blah… but, UGH!

Full makeup alone is just so uncomfortable. A hair “do” is just so uncomfortable. And ladies: we all know that no sports bra makes working out just the most uncomfortable ever! I want to declare that it is so beyond unnecessary to get dolled up for the gym or studio. Your time on the mat should be a time to relax your mind and body, to enjoy the purity of movement, and, above all, let your body be at peace. I know many people who feel best in a cute lulu outfit, many who feel comfiest in a pair of cutoff sweats. Whatever the outfit, why not let this time be the time you’re completely relaxed from appearance-related concerns?!

That’s my rant. And if you are, in fact, an OC-style woman who enjoys getting made up to work out, please accept my apology and ignore this post!

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