TRX Suspension Training

by CRNPilates on March 10, 2011

Next week we’ll be launching TRX Suspension Training! This latest fitness craze is all about focusing on the core to enhance muscle tone, flexibility, and (obviously) CORE STRENGTH!

CRNP’s TRX instructor, Sarah Purcell, says: “The advantage of Suspension training is that it forces the engagement of core musculature. The users have to constantly establish a balance between their upper and lower extremities, right and left. TRX suspension training is beneficial for range of motion, strengthening, balance, core stability, general conditioning and endurance training.”

It’s all the rage! TRX has worked it’s way into the fitness routines of professional athletes, celebrities, and fitness gurus. In conjunction with your regular routine - whether it be Pilates, yoga, running - the strength and mobility you’ll gain with suspension training is sure to improve your performance during other physical activities!

Check out this video to see TRX in action:

TRX Suspension Training by MojoSupreme

TRX will be offered every Wednesday at noon. Click here to register!

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